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In cooperation with professional users, our engineers have developed a dual night vision device holder. Our Bridge makes it possible to expand the so-called field of view (FoV). Regular binocular night vision devices have a field of view between 30 and 50 degrees. With our WIDE VIEW Bridge, which is unique in Europe, we can expand the FoV up to 70 degrees.

In addition to the WIDE VIEW function mentioned above, our bridge can also be used as a “normal” binocular dual bridge for PVS14 devices.

Material also means weight – that’s why we decided on high-performance plastic and use the so-called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process here. Here, plastic powders are fused with a laser with a tolerance of 0.3mm – so we can offer a sustainable and precise product and at the same time keep costs low.

All parts used have been designed, developed and produced in Germany – this way we can also pay attention to our ecological footprint and rely on short transport routes. All of our packaging is sustainable and made from recycled materials.


Now available outside the ITAR room for the first time!
We spared no expense or effort to provide you with a panorama bridge for PVS14 night vision devices.

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